Human Heat EP

by Sea Stacks

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released June 10, 2016

Words & music by Davy Berryman, except tracks 3 & 5.
Tracks 3 & 5 words & music by Andrew Murphy.

Recorded at City University Recording Studio,
London Fields Studios, Abbey Road Studio 2,
Montcalm House & University of Surrey, Studio 2

All tracks mixed & mastered by Davy & Iain Berryman
at London Fields Studios.

Artwork photo by Terry Owen



all rights reserved


Sea Stacks London, UK

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Track Name: Bring You Down
And it can only bring you down,
So look away I warn you.
And it can only bring you down,
So walk on now before you slide.
And if this moment passes,
And you still own your senses,
Well then you’ve won.

This world can only hold you back,
I am the evidence of that.
And I will never let you go,
And for now all you need know is:
I love you, but more than that I need you.
Track Name: Human Heat
These doubts that I’ve been having, they’re tearing me up.
These doubts that I’ve been having; they’re pulling me down.

Is there a haven in this hole? If I curl up, crawl in,.will I ever learn
to swim? I always needed thicker skin; not for bruises from the stones.
Was always words that broke my bones. Is there a haven in this hole?

Tell me why I find it hard to smile, ‘Cause I see greys where there
are colours. And is this, is this just human heat this hollow heart’s
not meant to take? And I know there’s no comparison between you,
between her and I. Tell me why I find it hard to smile.

‘Cause sometimes I think I love you and other times I don’t,
But is this, is this just human heat that you’re searching for?
Is this just human heat? ‘Cause if it is I need more than this.
I need more than this, this comfort through the night.
Is this just human heat?

Oh and it freezes my weary mind.; the fear that I cannot have
another first try. But would it be my desire? And is this comfort
through the night a shallow heart, a broken smile?
Oh and it freezes my weary mind.

And maybe I should bite my tongue; nail it to the floor.
Prevent this that it keeps bringing to my door.
Track Name: Scatter
I am the first word
I am the last song
I am the first and the last breath, the last to form a pair.

I am invincible
I am defeated
And I am the origins of every being; I am eternity.

I am mountains
I am seas
I am birds of every colour, I am me.

I am untouchable
Yet I am touched
I am inadequate, I am

I am the new born
I am the elderly
I am life and I am death and I am everything between.

So put a box around these bones, place it in a fire.
Scatter it on the ground to give life again.
Track Name: Itch
I recall,
it was there
last night,
the urge
to hurt
in the worst way.

It is obvious.

I recall,
it was there
last night,
the urge
to burn
in the fire.

It is obvious.

And I won’t say.

If I make you smile, well burn me.
Track Name: The Tears Come Too Late
It’s like you always said;
the tears come too late
to bring you back again.

But I had always tried
to love you anyway.
The tears come too late.

I have a heart of stone,
it’s all I have to show
from when you went away.

You didn’t get to choose,
but if you had I know,
that you would never go.

And I will suffocate from all this breathing in.
As I anticipate coming home again.